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Fruit & Flowers at Coqui's Hideaway

Some of many the joys of visiting a tropical island include savoring the local fresh fruit and enjoying the beautiful tropical flowers in bloom. Here at Coqui's Hideaway, we provide an opportunity for our guests to do both.

Heliconia rostrata We have many different kinds of tropical fruit growing on our property, and we encourage you to wander out into the yard and help yourself to ripe fresh fruit. Imagine picking your own grapefruit or oranges for breakfast or a snack. Or getting an avocado fresh from the tree for guacamole or sliced up in a salad. Yummy!

We are constantly planting more fragrant and flowering tropical plants around the property. We invite you to stroll around the yard and take pleasure in the plants that grow in our tropical rainforest environment.

The tables below will give you an approximate idea of what fruit will be ripe and which flowers will be in bloom during your visit. Hopefully, Mother Nature will take a look at this page too!

Some of the plant names in the tables below are clickable. Clicking on those links will bring up a small gallery of photos, showing the plant, it's flowers and/or fruit (as appropriate).