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25 Comments from Prior Guests in 2019

These comments and reviews were written in our in-house Guestbook by Guests who stayed at Coqui's Hideaway in 2019.

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Thank you for the most relaxing and beautiful "hideaway". We had previously been in San Juan and Condado exploring, walking, and moving around too much! We had even made plans to do so many tours and beach days, but when we go to your house, all plans went out the window. We found time to be in peace, take afternoon naps, spend time with each other, and catch up on family stories. Thank you for this amazing location to stop tired, regroup, and be peaceful!

Leila, Austin, Andy, Alex & Victoria
Thousand Oaks, CA
28 December 2019

Thanks for a wonderful stay! We're sorry we didn't stay longer to enjoy the pools, gardens, and tranquility. Wonderful hospitality in a beautiful part of Puerto Rico. We hope to come back some day and stay longer. Recommend the biobay and Fajardo as top locations. Also, thanks to Ray for the great short cut to El Yunque - just go down the road and turn right. Beautiful drive! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Ted, Carey, Katie ∧ Teddy
New York, NY
21 December 2019

We had a wonderful stay. We were in great need of a peaceful place to recover from a stressful fall, and could not have chosen a better one. Your amazing grounds, Gwenn's beautiful glass sculptures, lotus, the gorgeous vegetation - so mystical, like a long needed drink after a desert hike. Truly. And the quiet … Luquillo beach was our favorite spot, and we parked there for 2 days. Fajardo beach was disappointin - narrow beach, debris, though a gorgeous setting surrounded by undeveloped national parkland. Disappointing that the lighthouse was under repair. La Resaca was a great spot - loved fried port. And friendly staff. El Verde BBQ, of course, was great - perfrect veranda meal. We will recommend to friends for sure!

Linda & Eric
Brooklyn, NY
14 December 2019

Dropped off our bags and hit the ranger station in El Yunque. He was very nice, but gave us some suspect advice. We went with our original plan: Caimitillo Trail, El Yunque Trail, Mt. Britton Spur, up the road to the peak, down El Yunque Trail, side-trail to Los Picachos, and finally back down Caimitillo Trail. Incredible view. Nice breeze almost everywhere except the road. Had a great dinner from El Verde BBQ. And traded English lessons for Spanish with the mesero.
Next day off to Angelito Trail swimming hole. Pretty nice, but we got dumped on 5 minutes after arriving. Luquillo Beach was bonita and uncrowded.
We set our sights on El Toro peak, and didn't realize how much rain fell overnight. Very muddy, very slippery. And when you strayed off-path to stay dry, the cutting grass would grab ahold of you. We were able to see both the Atlanic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea for a few moments before the clouds rolled in.
Thanks Ray and Gwenn for providing such a wonderful stay. Part of us wishes we just hung out here for 3 days. I never even made it into the pool, and I so wanted to read "Lord Jim" with San Juan off in the distance.
It's always encouraging to hear people follow their dreams and passion in an independent manner like "Howard Roark" would. Best wishes and good luck.

Redmond, WA
23 November 2019

We just loved your place and your hospitality. We enjoyed the welcome basket - snacks on our hikes, and freshly made piña coladas on our private patio.
Michael and I love the garden tour Ray gave us at our request. We learned so much, including how to appreciate the tasty fruit of Puerto Rico.
We enjoyed our stay so much that our dinners were consumed overlooking the hillside with a glass of wine and scrumptious food from El Verde BBQ and Williams Pizza (a little shack with yummy pizza).
Luquillo Beach was a beautiful place to visit, and an easy swim - the waves were gentle. It was a perfect break for us, since we did 2 big hikes the day before and after.
We most certainly will recommend Coqui's Hideaway to family and friends.

Redmond, WA
23 November 2019

Thank you for the tranquil second half of our trip to Puerto Rico! Your home is beautiful, and so tastefully decorated. You had every amenity we could hope for, and then some! The welcome basket was so thoughful and made us feel so welcome! The banana bread - DELISH! The grounds are gorgeous and so peaceful, and piña coladas by the pool were a great ending to a busy day. Our only regret is that we could not stay longer. Keep doing what you are doing as you have the recipe for success with this hidden gem.

Ray & Phyllis
Marshfield, MA
26 October 2019

Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality! We thoroughly loved staying here. The grounds are so beautiful and peaceful. The house is absolutely wonderful. We had planned to go exploring in El Yunque, but unfortunately the weather (rain) did not allow that! So, we ended up going into Old San Juan, and walking around, enjoying the beautiful architecture, and shopping! We have had such a great time, and so thankful we found this wonderful gem! We will definitely be back in the future!

Lara & Mary Ellen
Prosper, TX
08 September 2019

We had a fabulous time here in your beautiful home. It is truly a paradise, and wonderful getaway. Thank you for your hospitality, and we wish you both continued success!

Novica, Marisol, Jadran & Sandro
Woodside, NY
01 September 2019

Our second time at Coqui's Hideaway! Another fantastic time at the Hideaway! Looking forward to our next stay. Thank you Ray and Gwenn for the great time spent at Coqui!

Andres, Jaime, Yovani, Krystal, Mary & Julia
Rockaway, NJ
30 August 2019

Thank you for the "home base". This trip was centered around our senior graduate, so we didn't have a lot of down time. Would love to return and stay at the house for more hours of the day. I did walk the property one day, and swam one day/evening. We visited Luquillo Beach and kiosks. Ate at Parrilla #2, and was delicious. We went to lunch in Palmer, and had great burgers and fish tacos. Visited a few shops there as well. Hit the Outlet Mall, Old San Juan (loved it), El Yunque, and took the ferry to Culebra (which is stunning). Ralphs supermarket is great (don't forget your shopping bags). Went to La Placita for drinks, dancing, shopping, and great eats!

Brandy & Josh
Conroe, TX
16 July 2019

Thank you for making our stay in Puerto Rico feel a little like home! This house is absolutely beautiful! My walks around the property were so incredible! Would definitely come back here. By far one of my favorite places! Beautiful surrounding, and a great home. Hope to visit for another round. Made a bomb drink with the piña colada recipe BTW. Add a whole banana, and a whole starfruit!

Trinity & Alexa
Conroe, TX
16 July 2019

Thank you very much for providing us with an awesome place to stay here in Río Grande! This area is so close to many amazing, beautiful sights, and the house offered to perfect location to relax at the end of the day and wind down. We greatly enjoyed our stay here at Coqui's Hideaway, and we thank you greatly for your hospitality and beautiful home.

The Rosa Family
Matawan, NJ
15 July 2019

We have thoroughly enjoyed our first stay at Coqui's Hideaway. This is a beautiful little paradise. Our group of 6 (my husband, me, and 4 teenage girls) loved the pool, the fruits, and the gorgeous property, as well as all the thoughtful accommodations that Ray and Gwenn provided. They are wonderful hosts! We hope to return again soon!

Tim, Paulyanna, Marissa, Emma, Anna, Jadyn
Centre Hall, PA
09 July 2019

Per usual, we were most happy to be here again. For Lee and Cody, this marks the 4th trip, and for Bev her 3rd. Jaime was the new person in the bunch. The guys loved the river swim, which was a new experience, and I loved swimming on the beach with no waves, all the pelicans flying overhead, and diving for fish. We loved the puppies as well, and trust they will find good homes. Thanks Ray and Gwenn for being such great hosts. The flower show was also a first, and I loved watching the dancing. May you continue serving others, and being gracious host and hostess for years to come.

Lee, Beverly, Cody & Jaime
Columbus & Jaskson, OH
03 July 2019

What an amazing and relaxing week of vacation! Ziplining at Rainforest Adventure Park, horseback riding, ATVs, and go-karts at Carabali Adventure Park, El Morro in Old San Juan, Casa Bacardí tour, the Mojito Lab in Luquillo (MUST visit here!), and just relaxing here at Coqui's Hideaway! The pool is incredible. Ray and Gwenn really are amazing hosts, and their property is spectacular. This may have been our first visit, but it certainly won't be our last!

The Madera Family
Palmetto, FL
24 June 2019

We had an amazing time at your beautiful home. The house is spacious, every view is gorgeous, the pups are adorable, and the owners are friendly. What more could we ask for. We would love to come back!

The Otero Family
Bridgeport, CT
11 May 2019

This was our first trip to PR, but certinly won't be our last! We have stayed in a lot of rentals, and yours by far is the top! The attention to detail inside and out is top notch. It was the perfect home base for our family of 5, as we only scratched the surface of discoving the island. The guidance you provided in-person and on your website was always spot-on. Keep up the great work!

The Norton Family
Wooster, OH
04 May 2019

Our trip to Puerto Rico has been tremendous because of our stay at Coqui's Hideaway. This house truly made us feel at home. We couldn't have asked for a better stay! From the lovely pool, to the beautiful plants, we have truly enjoyed and appreciated the intricate details and care that you two have implemented here. This truly is a hidden treasure of Puerto Rico that we will be sure to visit again. Than you for your help and kind hospitality!

The DeJesus Family
Trenton, NJ
26 April 2019

We couldn't have asked for a better place to stay in PR. Gwenn & Ray have hosting down. Nothing is missed, and they are generous with privacy and support. We were able to tag along on a Leatherback turtle nest hunt with Gwenn & Ray. They volunteer for the DRNA. The space we had access to in the gardens, pool area, and the house was more than we hoped for. I'm not sure if its Ray or Gwenn that has the type-A gene (probably both of them), but that is what we like in our hosts! Degree 18 Juice Bar was recommended by Ray for healthy/vegan food. Ask, and they will provide! Thanks Gwenn & Ray! We will be back!

Scott & Deanna
Minneapolis, MN
01 April 2019

This is our thrid stay at Coqui's - our last time was five years ago. Everything is still beautiful, and very relaxing. Enjoyed beaches, Old San Juan, and hope that more trails will be open in El Yunque soon. So far, we have enjoyed Coqui's with friends (the first time), our youngest daughter and her wife (the second time), and our oldest daughter this time. Hope to be able to bring our son one day. Thank you Gwenn and Ray!

Karen & Jim
Stevens Point, WI
30 March 2019

This was my first time in Puerto Rico, and I'm so glad I experienced it! Coqui's was a great place to stay. The veranda, the pool, and the sounds of nature were perfect. We enjoyed 3 beach days at Escambron and Luquillo. Someday, I will live by the ocean. The biobay in Fajardo was by far my favorite thing. What an amazing experience. El Yunque was beautiful, and El Verde BBQ was a great place for food. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. I tried to take a lizard home, but they were too fast!

Chicago, IL
30 March 2019

Thank you so much for sharing your slice of paradise with us! We love Coqui's Hideaway, and hope to come back with our extended family someday. Our three nights here were the perfect finish to another amazing Puerto Rico vacation. We hiked Angelit Trail, Salto de Jimenez, surfed La Pared with Brian Ramon, went to the kiosks, and so much more! All found on your web site! Thanks again for your hospitality.

The Wilders
Minneapolis, MN
12 March 2019

We had an amazing first time trip to Puerto Rico! Our only regret is that our trip was too short! In our time here, our favorite experiences were hiking to the top of the mountains in El Yunque Forest, snorkeling (amazing!), and touring Old San Juan. We also could not have picked a better place to stay. The views and amenities were perfect! The fruit from the garden was a treat (our favorite was the Star Fruit - tastes like a mix between apple and pear), and even better - we saw no scary snakes! The four of us are already planning to come back, both as a group, and with our extremely jealous families! We love Coqui's Hideaway!

Kenzi, Josh, Michaela, & Cam
09 March 2019

Thank you Ray & Gwenn for your lovely hospitality! Our stay in Puerto Rico was perfect in so many ways — not the least of it due to the wonderful experience we had here at Coqui's Hideaway. We appreciate your help in giving us ideas, directions, and advice, but also all of the little things that make your place so special! We look forward to recommending this place to our friends in Michigan! Our faves = El Yunque Rainforest, Culebra / Flamenco Beach, and BioBay.

Bentzy & Aviva
Oak Park, MI
09 January 2019

We've wrapped up our twelve-day tour of Puerto Rico, and while we didn't see it all, it's not as though we didn't try! After our first days in Ponce, we set out for Coqui's Hideaway … stopping along the way to gape at Casa Caracoles, and enjoy ice cream at Jendy's. Upon arrival, we were spoiled by Ray's hospitality and mindfulness. While we've stayed at rentals with owners-in-residence in the past, this is the ONLY time we felt left alone, uninterrupted, and in solitude. Thank you! Of all our experiences, the top 2 enjoyed by our family of 5 (kids are 10, 10, and 11) - Tanama River Adventures Avatar Tour, and the one-day ferry adventure of Caracas, Sun Bay, and Esperanza.

The Crilly Family
Bexley, OH
04 January 2019

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